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Five Index/Indicators and
Over 180 Stock Mutual Fund Choices
From The Family Care Savings Plan


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 = Top 30 Weekly Performance


 = Bottom 15 Weekly Performance


 = Four Week Performance


 = Top 30 For Four Weeks


 = Quarterly Returns

Before Viewing The Chart:

The most obvious thing about Fed's Funds Charting is the generous use of colors and numbers.  When you understand the arrangement of the numbers and what the different colors signify, the report comes to life.  At first glance it may appear complex, but the information is easy to grasp and very relevant to your needs as a 401k Investor.


The most important thing to notice is that the vertical columns show the weekly returns, in percent gain or loss.  The entire sheet shows past performance (on a weekly basis) for about one quarter, with annual and quarterly columns included as well.


Take note of the Legend, it explains the meaning of each color.  The Yellow column shows current 4-week performance while the Gray columns show a longer, more consistent view of each fund's performance (quarterly and annual).


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Quarterly Chart  3-Year Qtr. by Qtr. Performance


Annual Chart 10-Year Year by Year Performance


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