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The Latest Fed's Funds 50 Chart:

December 28th, 2018



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The most obvious thing about a Fed's Funds 50 Report is the generous use of colors and numbers.  Once the user understands the arrangement of the numbers and what the different colors signify, the report comes to life.  Although at first it may appear complex, the information is easy to grasp and very relevant to your needs as a 401k Investor.


The most important thing to notice is the vertical columns that show weekly returns, in percent gain or loss, of each of the listed funds.  The entire sheet shows the past performance of those funds (on a weekly basis) for about one quarter.  Take note of the Legend below, it explains the meaning of each color.  We highly recommend that you print a copy of the report for your personal reference.

Fed's Funds 50 monitors a balanced cross section of 50 popular funds covering each of the major stock mutual fund categories. By comparing your funds to their respective Market Index and then to other funds within the same group (Small-Cap, Mid-Cap, Large-Cap, etc...), you can easily discern whether your funds are Leaders or Laggers for the week, for the month, and even the quarter or the year.

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Chart Legend


 = Top 10 Weekly Performance


 = Bottom 5 Weekly Performance


 = Four Week Performance


 = Top 10 For Four Weeks

 = Quarterly Returns

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