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Making Delta 401k Investing Easier and Smarter                     


Fed's Funds was created to support and encourage The Employees of Delta Airlines to manage their 401k retirement money successfully and responsibly.


To help accomplish this, we produce and distribute the free, weekly Fed's Funds 50

 performance chart.


The chart is a 50 fund, quick view, comparison sheet designed to help Delta 401k Investors easily stay in touch with market and sector conditions.

    Keeping You Connected To Your 401k!             

We also produce the Fed's Funds Weekly (Short Term Performance), Fed's Funds Quarterly (Quarterly & 3-Year Annual, Long-Term Performance), Fed's Funds Meeting & Exceeding and High-5 Charts and Graphs (Fund To Fund, and Fund To Index Comparisons) making them available to Delta Employees for a very small annual fee.


It is our belief that the Delta 401k (Family Care Savings Plan) is the last remaining opportunity for the Delta Employee to retire comfortably and we intend to take maximum advantage of it, encouraging our fellow Employees to do the same. 

Our personal investment philosophy is to diversify among Large, Mid and Small-Cap Funds, then stay invested in those funds that are Meeting or Exceeding their respective index.


By trading out of consistent Under-Performers then Trading Up to Stronger, More Consistent Funds, We Keep Our 401k Portfolio As Healthy And Productive As Possible.

We encourage responsible, active 401k management, and discourage the inactive "Buy and Hold" (then forget about it) philosophy that has yielded such devastating losses to so many these past few years.


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