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     The FED'S FUNDS 50 performance report was started in February of 1998.

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At that time the Delta 401k (Family Care Savings Plan) fund choices were increasing dramatically and it was becoming apparent that we needed a Weekly Quick-View Sheet, showing which of our 401k fund choices were performing well and which ones were returning poorly.  


With 401k fund choices multiplying and market conditions changing it was becoming more and more difficult for the average person to discern which 401k funds were consistently giving the best returns. 


Using input and feedback from many Delta 401k Investors we developed FED'S FUNDS innovative color-coded charting, enabling ordinary people to quickly and easily make intelligent 401k fund choices.


"Successful 401k Investing Is Our Hobby and Our Passion That We Share With You."


These charts highlight the high performers for each week, month, quarter and year, and at the same time point out the weaker performing funds for the same time periods.  


They also give us the ability to monitor and quickly compare variable market conditions by including the major mutual fund categories on each spreadsheet.


As for us, we are simply a small group of concerned Delta Employee 401k Investors much like you.


We have elected to share these simplified, color-coded charts and graphs that we compile each week with other interested Delta Employees.  


This is our hobby so we can keep both expenses and pricing very low, enabling us to share with, and encourage as many of our fellow employees as possible.


Wishing You The Very Best Of Returns,


The Fed's Fund Staff


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